A number of other institutions hold AIDS Education posters in their collections and have made them available online. They include:

Exhibitions and Other Resources:

  • January 26 to May 21, 2012, Rush Rhees Library: Over the last 30 HIV/AIDS has spread unevenly across the globe. In the process it has altered bonds of intimacy, scientific knowledge, and diverse beliefs about morality and life. Constellations of imagery from awareness campaigns form alongside global networks of transmission and treatment. Drawing from the Atwater Collection of AIDS educational posters, Picturing AIDS and Its Publics shows the changing look of AIDS. The posters communicate diverse ideologies and visual strategies, showing how various groups around the world conceive of the virus.The exhibit has been curated by Berin Golonu and Alexander Brier Marr and is mounted in conjunction with the Humanities Project, "Looking at AIDS 30 Years On."

  • The Massachusetts College of Art and Design has an online exhibit "Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of International AIDS Awareness Posters"

  • The Brooklyn Museum: Graphic Alert: AIDS Posters from the Collection of Dr. Edward C. Atwater (October 16, 1997 - February 8, 1998)

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