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This website has both a search box (found in the upper right-hand corner of every page) and a filtering strategy. This allows users to search multiple fields simultaneously, looking for example, for posters from the Netherlands (Locale) which depict Flowers (Keyword). Filters are retained between searches. 

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The posters in the collection are presented here for research purposes only, and may be protected by copyright either according to US law or according to the laws applicable in their countries of origin. Any further reproduction of the materials may require copyright or other rights clearance and is the sole responsibility of the user.

If you are the copyright holder for materials in this collection and would prefer that the image of the item(s) not appear on this website, please let us know. We hope that in making your decision, you will consider the place of your work has in adding to a comprehensive understanding of the education effect that these posters were, and are, a part of.





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