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Title Series Artist Creators / Group Locale Language Datesort ascending
Look who's affected by AIDS Episcopal Caring Response to AIDS District of Columbia, USA English
Look who's affected by AIDS. AIDS Ministries Program of Connecticut Hartford, Connecticut, USA English
Looking for love in too many places AIDS is Everyone's Concern University of Miami School of Medicine, AIDS Clinical Research Unit Miami, Florida, USA English
Lubricant. De Hot Rubber Hot Rubber Company Netherlands Dutch
Love yourself, life, sex. Use condoms. Mobile AIDS Resource Team (MART) Boston, Massachusetts, USA English
AIDS. Love your children, teach them the facts American Red Cross. Central Iowa Chapter Iowa, USA English
Love is in the air Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Germany English
Love is not equal to sex. If you love me, let's wait. Let's beat AIDS! Heart: Helping Each Other Act Responsibly Together Zambia. Ministry of Health. Anti-AIDS Project. Health Education Unit Zambia English
Love is healing. Auchter, Chris British Columbia Native AIDS Awareness Project British Columbia, Canada English
Love insists Bagley, Jackie Provincial AIDS Committee, Alberta Health Edmonton, Alberta, Canada English
Love him safely… every time Love Him Safely. . .Every Time AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) New South Wales, Australia English
Love glove. Respect yourself. Respect each other. Toronto Department of Public Health, AIDS Prevention Bureau Toronto, Ontario, Canada English
Love carefully Sword, Albert New Zealand AIDS Foundation Auckland, New Zealand English
Love faithfully and avoid AIDS. To protect life and your family. To live longer obey the Christian way of life. Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau. Uganda English
Love for sale. AIDS for free? High = High Risk Chemical Dependency Program Seattle, Washington, USA English
Whatever you do make it safe Terrence Higgins Fund London, England English
Make it safer to say "yes." Use a condom. Always Seychelles. Ministry of Health. Health Education Unit Seychelles English
Whatever you do...Make it safe. The Terrence Higgins Trust England English
Māe, proteja seu bebê da AIDS. Brazil. Ministerio da Saude. Centro de Documentacao Brasilia, Brazil Portuguese
1.12. Maailman aids-päivä. AIDS-tukikeskus Finland Finnish