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Title Series Artist Creators / Groupsort descending Locale Language Date
Ich hatte noch keine Chance, AIDS keine Chance zu geben. Billboard painter series Germany German
AIDS Hungary Hungarian
Don't gamble with AIDS. Abstinence ...and live! Washington, USA English
Luttons tous contre le sida! Limay, France French
Part of Oversize Poster
Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS : "Brennerei Weiss." Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS Köln, Germany German
Untranslated Ethiopia Amharic
It's a jungle out there. Texas, USA English
AIDS Russian
Working is not hazardous to your health. Vermont, USA English 1989
BMI chart for determining nutritional status of HIV children and adolescents (age 5-18 years). Ethiopia English, Amharic [2007 or later]
Bearback yes, bareback no. Bears against AIDS. = Pelos si, a pelo no. Pelos si, a pelo no. Madrid, Spain English, Spanish
Aktions Tage Köln '89 Köln, Germany German 1989
4ème semaine nationale de lutte contre le SIDA. Tadjourah, Djibouti French 2006
Jak postupovat při krvavém poranéní pohozenou injekční jehlou Czech Republic Czech 2006
СПИД - случайные связи. Russia Russian 1990
Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS : Chains. Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS Köln, Germany German
Pour que vive la vie... France French 1990
Istiesk Ranka Artimui : Gruodzio 1 Pasauline AIDS diena Lithuania Lithuanian
SIDART Quebec, Canada French 1989