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Don't forget to wrap her present this Valentine's Day AIDS Concern Hong Kong English
Nahkíne nekegháré déhzo̜ dúlé eyá łᶖnᶖ hą́une agots'éle. Stopping AIDS is up to us. Stopping AIDS is up to us. Northwest Territories. Department of Health Northwest Territories, Canada North Slavey, English
Try another one? 20 years Terrence Higgins Trust London, England English
Sex, passion, romance, adventure... Do you have what it takes? Sex, passion, romance, adventure Séro Zéro Montreal, Canada English
Lucky Stiffs "Green" goes to war! Lucky Stiffs Philadelphia AIDS Task Force Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA English
Love is about caring enough to use a condom High School Series Hamilton AIDS Network for Dialogue and Support (HANDS) Hamilton, Ontario, Canada English (1994)
Crissy's survey says: "Guys who party are more likely to get infected with HIV. Talk about a buzz kill." Q Action Stop AIDS Project San Francisco, California, USA English
Le préservatif, votre ange guardien au 7ème ciel! Le temps passe. Pas le SIDA. = Time passes. Not AIDS. Plate-forme prévention SIDA ; Belgium. Ministère de la communauté française Belgium French
Anche se l'amore e cieco… proteggiti contro l'AIDS. Usa il preservativo. St. Stephen's Community House Toronto, Ontario, Canada Italian, English (1993)
Condom's not the only thing in your wallet that prevents AIDS. AIDS Services of Austin (Tex.) Austin, Texas, USA English
From 0 to 6 inches in seven seconds flat. Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force (Pa.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA English 1994
Póntelo. Pónselo. Spain Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo. Dirección General de Planificación Sanitaria Madrid, Spain Spanish (rec. 1996)
When love is the mood... Nirodh Deluxe India English
Contribute to the Prevention of AIDS. Knowledge is the way. Kuwait. Wizarat al-Sihhah al-ʻAmmah Kuwait Arabic and English
AIDS, the killing bite of love. Images pour la lutte contre le SIDA France English 1993
Volunteer now! Stop AIDS Chicago Chicago, Illinois, USA English 1998
Chlamydia. Sensoa Antwerp, Belgium Dutch 2014-12
Capote & lubrifiant: le couple inseparable Hommes entre eux AFLS (Agence Francise de lutte contre le SIDA) Vanves, France French
, Denk na vrij veilig Cupid Campaign (for poorly educated young people) Dutch Foundation for STD Control (SOA Stichting) Utrecht, Netherlands Dutch 1992
Safer sex. Pass it on AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) Ontario, Canada English 1987