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Title Series Artistsort descending Creators / Group Locale Language Date
Nahkíne nekegháré déhzo̜ dúlé eyá łᶖnᶖ hą́une agots'éle. Stopping AIDS is up to us. Stopping AIDS is up to us. Northwest Territories. Department of Health Northwest Territories, Canada North Slavey, English
[AIDS can happen to you! Protect yourself!] AIDS can happen to you! Canadian Public Health Association. AIDS Education and Awareness Program Canada Khmer
Health and human rights: the links are obvious. François-Xavier Bagnoud Center New Jersey, USA English
Prevenção começa pelo diálogo. Converse, aprenda e viva sem aids. Portugal. Ministério da Saúde Portugal Portuguese 1997
AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease Seychelles. Ministry of Health and Social Services Seychelles English
No ifs, ands or butts… West Virginia State Department of Health, 1800 Washington Street East, Charleston, WV. West Virginia, USA English
Stop AIDS, keep the promise Bangladesh Bengali, English
AIDS and the Family Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention Japan Japanese, English 1998
AIDS What do I know? AIDS Network of Edmonton Society Edmonton, Alberta, Canada English (1987)
On peut se proteger efficacement du SIDA, et voici comment. CFES (Comite Francais d'Education pour la Sante) France French
Maendeleo Yawanawake Organisation (MYWO) HIV/AIDS project Maendeleo ya Wanawake (Organization : Nairobi, Kenya); National AIDS Control Council (Kenya) Kenya English; Swahili
AIDS? Who has HIV? Nigeria Youth AIDS Programme Lagos, Nigeria English (1999)
Pissed? Stoned? Horny? Where's your condom? AIDS Action Council of the Australian Capital Territory Australia English
We know our HIV status, Do you? Discordant Couples of Kenya; United States. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.); Liverpool VCT, Care and Treatment Kenya English
Are you good in bed? Provincial AIDS Committee, Alberta Health Edmonton, Alberta, Canada English
Practice safe flex. North York Public Health Department Toronto, Ontario, Canada English
Roll on protection. Howard Brown Health Center Chicago, Illinois, USA English
Tots diferents, tots vulnerables... BCN Checkpoint BCN Checkpoint ; Catalonia (Spain). Departament de Salut Barcelona, Spain Catalan
Be faithful. Stick to one partner. Multiple sexual partners put you at risk of HIV/AIDS infection Zambia. Ministry of Health. Anti-AIDS Project. Health Education Unit Zambia English
Sécurisexe. Qu'on se le dise! Séro Zéro Montreal, Quebec, Canada French (1998)