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Title Series Artist Creators / Group Locale Language Datesort ascending
Charlene! You ready fo' your date yet? Arakaki, T. AIDS Hotline (Oahu) Oahu, Hawaii, USA English
Child-proof cap Orange County Center for Health Anaheim, California, USA English
Children are victims, too California Department of Corrections, Office of Health Care Services Sacramento, California, USA English
Children have AIDS too. Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Montefiore Medical Center New York, USA English
Children have AIDS too. If you are pregnant and concerned about AIDS please call. Albert Einstein College of Medicine New York, USA English
Choices for women New York State Department of Health Albany, New York, USA English
Cut D.A.S. over our dead bodies Marching placards ACT UP New York, New York, USA English
Expand scatter-site AIDS housing! ACT UP New York, New York, USA English
AIDS. Clean them PACT for life People with AIDS Coalition of Tucson (PACT) Tucson, Arizona, USA English
Closing our borders to those with HIV infections spreads an epidemic of ignorance and fear. [...] ACT UP New York, USA English
Come join the family. Queer voice: (with Pima County Health Dept. and Wingspan) Sumner, Jaime (photographer) Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, 375 South Euclid Ave., Tucson, AZ. Tucson, Arizona, USA English
Commitment to safer sex. An expression of love Kakaygeesick, Donald Minnesota American Indian AIDS Task Force Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA English
Communicable disease warnings for emergency response personnel AFL-CIO, CLC. International Association of Firefighters USA English
Como se adquiere el SIDA? America Responds to AIDS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control USA Spanish
Compartiendo jeringas es compartiendo SIDA. Piensalo bien. COPASA Arizona, USA Spanish
Con cariño. . . Con condón. Coalition de Latinos en Washington contra el SIDA Washington, USA Spanish
Condom storage Family Health International (FHI), AIDSTECH USA English
Condoms can protect any person, no matter what color they are. Minnesota AIDS Project. AIDSLine Minnesota, USA English
Condoms mean caring. February 14 Valentine's Day is a day of caring and sharing. Latex condoms...Prevention against AIDS. LaGuardia Community College. Student Activities Dept. New York, USA English
Condoms. Use one, I do! Seattle-King County Dept. of Public Health. Family Planning Program Seattle, Washington, USA English