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Title Series Artist Creators / Groupsort ascending Locale Language Date
Quien se preocupa, entra en acción. Luche contra el SIDA. People who care, act. Hartford, Connecticut, USA Spanish 199?
Protection. Do you have enough? USA English
AIDS awareness. Romorini, Lawrence M. Greenwich, Connecticut, USA English 1993
Get it on... with condoms. Maxwell, John ; Taite, Jondouglas USA? English
Win! Spring break weekend. San Francisco, California, USA English 1997/05/02
Safe sex party! Live show with Lola! and special guests. The Latino AIDS Project and Esta Noche. San Francisco, California, USA English 1988
Lifesongs 88 : a concert to benefit hero and the fight against AIDS, the Lyric Opera House, September 25, 1988, Baltimore, Maryland, USA English 1988
Tomorrow, this many Americans will die of AIDS. [AIDS deaths] USA English 1989?
Working is not hazardous to your health. Vermont, USA English 1989
The Surgeon General says always wear your rubbers. Grimmy, Inc. Hartford, Connecticut, USA English
, Rudy must. New York, New York, USA English, Spanish [between 1994 and 2001]