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, Whatever you do make it safe Terrence Higgins Trust London, England English 1995
Whatever you do make it safe Terrence Higgins Fund London, England English
Whatever you do...Make it safe. The Terrence Higgins Trust England English
Whatever your reason for having sex... have sex without regret. Gay Men's Health Education Unit South Australia, Australia English
Wheeeee! Eroticisizing safer sex. A workshop for gay and bisexual men. Stanford AIDS Education Project ; Hot Rubber Company Palo Alto, California, USA English
When both partners have HIV, there are still reasons to have safe sex Our Love Harsent, Simon AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) New South Wales, Australia English
When grief becomes rage anything can happen… A Thousand Points of Light Policy of Despair International Conference on AIDS (6th : 1990 : San Francisco, United States) English 1990
When he absolutely positively has to be there overnight Project Lifeguard (formerly Gay Men's Sex Project); AIDS Project Arizona Phoenix, Arizona, USA English
When he's heels over head Project Lifeguard (formerly Gay Men's Sex Project); AIDS Project Arizona Phoenix, Arizona, USA English
When I found out I had HIV at age 17, I learned that anyone can get it America Responds to Aids U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control USA English
When I told my mum I was gay she blamed herself Victorian AIDS Council Victoria, Australia English 1992
When its time to talk... Witten, Leonie Queensland AIDS Council Brisbane, Queensland, Australia English 1992
When love is the mood ... Nirodh Deluxe India English
When love is the mood... Nirodh Deluxe India English
When Martin was told he had AIDS, his family couldn't believe it. After all, he is 64. Straight or gay. Old or young. White or black. Him or her. AIDS doesn't care. London Lighthouse London, England English
, When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion Proverbs Smith, Damballah Dolphus American Red Cross USA English 1992
When the party is over, you may have more than a hangover! Milwaukee (Wis.). Health Department Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA English
When the rest of your life lies ahead of you sex can wait! AIDS Secretariat Nassau, Bahamas English
When there is love... use it! Zambia. Ministry of Health. Anti-AIDS Project. Health Education Unit Zambia English (2002 (received))
When we walk in beauty and take care of our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical being, our circle of life will be complete and strong Whitehorse, Leon Traditional Indian Alliance Tucson, Arizona, USA English