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Title Series Artist Creators / Groupsort descending Locale Language Date
Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS : Zipps. Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS Köln, Germany German
Metro-Act's TV dinner presents: The AIDS Show: artists involved with death and survival. Rochester, New York, USA English [1985?]
Kein Grund zur Panik. Wie kannst Du dich schützen? Billboard painter series Germany German
Live to love our children. Get the facts about AIDS. Montana, USA English 1988 (circa)
Untranslated India Hindi
Liebe bringt's AIDS nicht. Seit AIDS ein Muss: pariser. Germany German
AIDS Russian
Centres d'information et de depistage anonyme et gratuite du SIDA. Lyon, France French
Untitled Untitled drawings (Thailand) Thailand Thai
דבר קטן יציל חיים Israel Hebrew 1991
?לעשות חיים - או לחיות Israel Hebrew
Untranslated Southeast Asia? Unidentified
Part of Oversize Poster
Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS : Zur Zicke. Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS Köln, Germany German
People who care, act. Join the fight against AIDS. People who care, act. Hartford, Connecticut, USA English 199?
Jikinge na magonjwa ya zinaa na ukimwi Nairobi, Kenya? Swahili
AIDS Bangkok, Thailand Thai
Red ribbon. Awareness AIDS. USA? English
AIDS Greek
Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS : "Rembrandt" Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS Köln, Germany German