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Title Series Artistsort descending Creators / Group Locale Language Date
Teenage sex cult. Wingspan, 300 East 6th St., Tucson, AZ. Tucson, Arizona, USA English 1995
Frank, seropositief. Interprovincial AIDS Coordinaat (IPAC) Belgium Dutch
Au C.H.R. de Reims, un centre de dépistage du SIDA. Gtratuit & anonyme. Est à la disposition de tous. Hopital Robert Debre Reims, France French
If you talk the talk, walk the walk Philadelphia AIDS Walk Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA English 1994
Girls. Boys. Clothes. Friends. Weekends. Movies. Malls. AIDS. Tampa AIDS Network, 11215 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL. Tampa, Florida, USA English
This Carnival we don't care if you doing the [butterfly], the dog or the cow, just don't play the heehaw heehaw heehaw National AIDS Programme of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago English
Verdens oeldste fylder 40. Landsforeningen for bøsser og lesbiske Denmark Danish 1993
I'm HIV positive...should I tell everyone or no-one? Living well phoneline Terrence Higgins Trust London, England English
J'aime les hommes Mairie de Paris Paris, France French (1994)
We are the future. Learn the facts about AIDS. Each one, teach one. Sisonke Project Ontario, Canada English
HIV living. Support groups. AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) New South Wales, Australia English (1996)
Just bleach it. Banana Boys AIDS Rochester, Inc. Rochester, New York, USA English
Préservatifs. Pourquoi hésiter plus longtemps? Les preservatifs. Pourquoi hesiter plus longtemps? AFLS (Agence Francise de lutte contre le SIDA) Vanves, France French 1991
When he's heels over head Project Lifeguard (formerly Gay Men's Sex Project); AIDS Project Arizona Phoenix, Arizona, USA English
Heard much about AIDS lately? Talk about AIDS Tennessee Department of Health & Environment Tennessee, USA English
Lachen Gemeinsam gegen, Lieben Ausländerfeindlichkeit. Kämpfen und Schwulenhaß Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Germany German (1992)
Looking for Mr. Right? But you're only finding Mr. Right-Now? Q Action Stop AIDS Project San Francisco, California, USA English 2000
World AIDS Day Lördag 1 December 1990. kunskap känsla förnuft Noaks Ark - Roda korset (Red Cross) Stockholm, Sweden Swedish, English (1990)
"Even with AIDS (We care for you)" National AIDS and STDs Control Programme (Kenya) Nairobi, Kenya English
Masturbation & youth Just Sex / Sex Is Boy With Arms Akimbo / Girl With Arms Akimbo San Francisco, California, USA English 1989