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From 0 to 6 inches in seven seconds flat. Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force (Pa.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA English 1994
Saloon. Mangez pour une bonne cause. Comité des personnes atteintes du VIH du Québec (CPAVIH) Montreal, Quebec, Canada French (2003)
It won't kill you to spend time with a friend who has AIDS. Current Communications, Inc. USA English 1987
Malades contagieuses... GAP-SIDA Montreal, Quebec, Canada French
AIDS Factor III. Stad Radio Amsterdam AIDS Fonds Amsterdam, Netherlands Dutch 1992
You can't get AIDS by Sheriff, Christopher (Photography) American Indian Health Care Association St. Paul, Minnesota, USA English 1989
Knowledge is the key to healing. Ahalaya National Native American AIDS Prevention Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA English
Some diseases are getting away with murder. Columbus AIDS Task Force (CATF) Columbus, Ohio, USA English (1988)
He lekker ding. Ik vrij veilig of ik vrij met. SAD-Schorerstichting. P.C. Hoofstraat 5-11, 1071 BL Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Netherlands Dutch 1994
Condom: préservatif, [prezɛrvatif]. The only protection against AIDS. In a pharmacy just say*, "Bonjour, une boîte de préservatifs, s'il vous plaît." Mairie de Paris Paris, France French (1992)
Needle exchange programs save lives Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564. Positive Health Project New York, New York USA English
Unissons-nous pour lutter contre le SIDA Groupe SIDA Geneve Geneva, Switzerland French
Worrying isn't it. Health Education Authority (Great Britain) England English 1990s?
Facts about STDs Pharmacists Planning Service Sausalito, California, USA English 1983
Right on! The proper use of latex condoms will help protect you from HIV which most experts believe causes AIDS. AIDS Nova Scotia Halifax, Newfoundland, Canada English
Women's AIDS Coalition AIDS Education Media Campaign for Women Erickson, T. Charles (Photography); Codish, K.D. (Design) New Haven Women's AIDS Coalition of the Mayor's Task Force on AIDS New Haven, Connecticut, USA English 1988
Hoe gebruik ik een condoom? SENSOA Belgium Dutch
Sida Info Service. Ne laissez pas vos questions sans reponses. SIDA Info Service France French 1997
Durex Select. Flavoured, ribbed & coloured condoms. Durex England English (1996)
With AIDS around, gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes are fair warning. Tennessee Department of Health & Environment Tennessee, USA English