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How can you get HIV/AIDS? Avoid HIV/AIDS! Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Geneva, Switzerland English
AIDS. It can happen to anybody Fight AIDS. Not People with AIDS. DC Department of Human Services, Commision of Public Health, Office of AIDS Activities District of Columbia, USA English
Stop - think. Sex: pregnancy, disease, death. The decision is yours. Love alone just can't protect you. Alert Northern Kentucky (Organization) Kentucky, USA English
Onde fazer o teste VIH/SIDA? É importante saber! AIDS test (Luxembourg) Croix Rouge ; Luxembourg. Direction de la santé Luxembourg Portuguese
Hablar del SIDA con tus hijas e hijos no es tan fácil CONASIDA (Consejo Nacional de Prevencion y Control del SIDA), Juntos por la Salud Mexico City, Mexico Spanish
How many people did you say you'd slept with? Bangaki Abantu Osuwaya Nabo Ocansini? Hillcrest AIDS Centre South Africa English
Wir wollen zeigen. . . was ist AIDS? Billboard painter series Germany German
Nutrition works Kenya. Ministry of Medical Services; National AIDS and STDs Control Programme (Kenya); National AIDS Control Council (Kenya) Kenya English
Posez-nous les questions que le SIDA vous pose. SIDA Info Service France French
Sí! Libera tus deseos, protege tu amor. Yes. Show your love - with care series: Folkhalsoinstitutet Stockholm, Sweden Spanish
One world. One hope. Service of light for world AIDS week. Shoreditch, St. Leonard's Church. England English
We are people living with AIDS Lions Club of Bombay Hilltop Mumbai, India English
Il Vit Avec Le VIH Avec Lui, Je Risque De M'éclater un Max Partager Sa Vie Avec Une Personne Séropositive, C'est Possible Plate-Forme Prévention SIDA Brussels, Belgium French
AIDS Memorial Vigil. May 16th and 17th Seattle Central Community College Washington, USA English
Lebenshaus Lebenshaus Germany German
Living proof : HIV and the pursuit of happiness. Brattle Theatre Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA English
Zehn Jahre Papiertiger KU-Bi (KuKuCKs-Bibliothek) Berlin, Germany German
Don't inject AIDS Central Health Education Bureau New Delhi, India English
SIDA precaución. No entrar sin condon. Gil & Gil Publicidad Travelers Aid/Immigrants Service (Chicago, Ill.), El Rincon Community Clinic Chicago, Illinois, USA Spanish
Pwoc ki kiito raani HIV (PEP). Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ; Ethiopians and Americans in Partnership to Fight HIV/AIDS Ethiopia Undetermined