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Vous me trouverez toujours aussi drôle, si j'étais séropositive? C'est l'exclusion qu'il faut exclure, pas les séropositifs = It's the exclusion that needs to be excluded, not the HIV-positive. Aides (Association) ; Belgium. Ministère de la communauté française ; Plate-forme prévention SIDA Belgium French
Last night I did two things I've never done before... Jones, Rachel Western Australia AIDS Council Perth, Western Australia, Australia English
Sicher ist sicher. AIDS-Hilfe Salzburg Salzburg, Austria German
We are the future. Learn the facts about AIDS. Each one, teach one. Sisonke Project Ontario, Canada English
AIDS! Think about it ... before it's too late! Education is our best defense City of New Orleans Department of Health New Orleans, Louisiana, USA English
Moi, j'en mets Ville de Romainville. Romainville, France French
Safe kiss Switzerland English
Untranslated United States. Agency for International Development Ethiopia Amharic
Zeit für safer sex. AIDS-Hilfe Heidelberg Heidelburg, Germany German
Er liebt mich nicht, er liebt mich... Gib AIDS Keine Chance. Mach's mit Bundeszentrale fur Gesundheitliche Aufklarung (BZgA) Germany German
Face aux IST/SIDA, ne comptez pas sur lle romantisme. Protégez-vous. Belgium. Ministère de la communauté française ; Plate-forme prévention SIDA Belgium French
Por qué tomar el riesgo? Proyecto Compañeros Mexico Spanish
Murderer, Liar, & Drug Co. Pimp English
Information for drug users : protect yourself from hep... There are some things you shouldn't share with anyone. Condoms protect! Information for drug users Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Germany English
It'll take more than Magic to cure AIDS. AID Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia, USA English
To bring life back. Blood - a gift only you can gift All-India Institute of Medical Sciences. Centre for Community Medicine. NGO AIDS Cell New Delhi, India English
Boys keep swinging but swing it safe! Hot Rubber Company Antwerp, Belgium English
Gens disent qu'il faut du courage pour vivre avec le sida. . Moi je dis qu'il faut du courage pour faire face aux gens qui me rejettent parce que je suis gai. Hannan, Philip Canadian AIDS Society Montreal, Quebec, Canada French
Simply having one on hand won't do any good New York State Department of Health New York, USA English
Положительный? Отрицательный? Знаешь ли ты об этом? ВИЧ-тест поможет прояснить. Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Germany Russian