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Title Series Artist Creators / Groupsort descending Locale Language Date
איידם זה לא צרעת אפשר לגעת Israel Hebrew (1991)
Untranslated Ethiopia Amharic
SIDA: What's your situation? Listen. talk, face up to it. Lebanon Arabic
Untranslated Ethiopia Amharic
(Untranslated) Sudan Arabic
Untranslated Ethiopia Amharic, English 2003?
People who care, act. Join the fight against AIDS. People who care, act. Hartford, Connecticut, USA English 199?
Lubricant. The Hot Rubber Company, Zurich and Berlin
The Art of AIDS education
Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS : "Rembrandt" Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS Köln, Germany German
Verziek je nieuwe relatie niet met een oude soa. Netherlands Dutch
Untitled Untitled drawings (Thailand) Thailand Thai
Red ribbon. Awareness AIDS. USA? English
Världsdagen mot AIDS. Sweden Swedish 1988
Stop AIDS, keep the promise Bangladesh Bengali, English
Mañana, 50 personas morirán del SIDA en los Estados Unidos. [AIDS deaths] USA Spanish 1989
Aktions Tage Köln '89 Köln, Germany German 1989
Metro-Act's TV dinner presents: The AIDS Show: artists involved with death and survival. Rochester, New York, USA English [1985?]
Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS : "Brennerei Weiss." Kölner Wirte gegen AIDS Köln, Germany German