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Title Series Artistsort descending Creators / Group Locale Language Date
STOP AIDS AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz Zurich, Switzerland German 1988
Faste forhold og lose forbindelser. STOP AIDS KOBENHAVN Denmark Danish
Talk sex New Zealand AIDS Foundation Auckland, New Zealand English 1993
Hot Rubber-the condom: To be or not to be. Hot Rubber Company Germany English (1994)
Gail Gilmore Benefizkonzert. AIDS-Aufklarung e.V. Frankfurt, Germany German 1995
There is one thing more important than what you're wearing tonight! What's he wearing? Protect our species. AIDS. Talk about it. Highland AIDS Resource Centre Scotland English 1996
Unless you're built like this, you should be using condoms Minnesota AIDS Project Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA English
If only all forms of protection were this cheap! Protect our species. AIDS. Talk about it. Highland AIDS Resource Centre Scotland English 1996
In the park, this bloke cruised me, I said I wasn't interested, but he wouldn't listen. Sexual abuse series: Terrence Higgins Trust London, England English
Volunteer now! Stop AIDS Chicago Chicago, Illinois, USA English 1998
I am proud to be Aboriginal The Circle of Hope First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (CSSSPNQL/FNQLHSSC) Wendake, Quebec, Canada French, English
Je rapporte mes seringues Province of Quebec, Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. Centre Québécois de Coordination sur le Sida (CQCS) Montreal, Quebec, Canada French
Welt AIDS Tag Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Germany German
, Here's what guys need to know about having sex with other guys. AIDS Prevention Collaboration (APC) and Queer Voice Tucson, Arizona, USA English 1992
KONDOM Helseutvalget for homofile Oslo, Norway Norwegian (1995)
Let's talk about sex and a possible vaccine for HIV PhiladelphiaFIGHT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA English
Madonna. Truth or Dare. Canadian AIDS Society Ontario, Canada English (1991)
You aren't tough enough for AIDS. People United Against AIDS. Developed by Turtledove Clemens Oregon. Health Division Portland, Oregon, USA English
"My love for my family motivates me to use a condom" - a fixer, injecting drug user National AIDS Control Organization (India) (NACO) New Delhi, India English
Mike - 20" Choose Safer Sex (II) Health Education Authority London, England English