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There's a human being attached to this - handle him with care! Handle him with care! Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Germany English
AIDS. Am I Doing Something to stop the spread of HIV? National Project Systems, Inc. ICAN District of Columbia, USA English
Le sideen ne paye pas ses dettes. Non a nouveau ghetto. AIDES (Association) France French
You can prevent AIDS California. Department of Health Services California, USA English
Dating again? Has it been a few years since you were out on a date? Toronto Department of Public Health, AIDS Prevention Bureau Toronto, Ontario, Canada English
Kondom + vattenbaserat glidmedel = säkrare sex. Miscellaneous: Folkhalsoinstitutet Stockholm, Sweden Swedish
Combattre le SIDA un droit et un devoir des jeunes. Barrons la route au SIDA. Comite national de lutte contre le SIDA (Senegal) Senegal French
Unge bøsser & lesbiske. Giv dig selv en chance. Landsforeningen for bøsser og lesbiske Denmark Danish
Navneprojektet, Århus. Mindetaepper. AKTHIVHUSET Denmark Danish
5 years ago I learnt that I was HIV positive. I felt angry, deserted and victimised. AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) New South Wales, Australia English
Are you lonesome tonight? Don't let AIDS be your partner. Sweden. AIDS-delegationen Stockholm, Sweden English
Et si je veux en avoir le coeur net? AFLS (Agence Francise de lutte contre le SIDA) AFLS (Agence Francise de lutte contre le SIDA) Vanves, France French
Untranslated YaʼÉDS maraǧā māʻekal (Ethiopia) ; HHS/CDC-Ethiopia ; Ethiopians and Americans in Partnership to Fight HIV/AIDS Ethiopia Amharic
I'm HIV Negative…but I'm living with AIDS. I'm living with this feeling that one day I am going to end up positive. I'm HIV negative . . . but I'm living with AIDS Noir Studios AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) Toronto, Ontario, Canada English
Don't let AIDS sideline your future. It's not who you are...It's what you do. UVM Wellness Promotion Program of the Student Health Center Vermont, USA English
Wir Wissen Nicht, was euch die verkäuferin über Kondome erzählt hat... wir wußten da auch noch einiges. Gesundheitsamt Hagen Hagen, Germany German
Le Sida tue, la solitude aussi. Luxembourg. Ministère de la santé Luxembourg French
Je suis Phil. Je passe régulièrement un test de syphilis. Je suis Phil Province of Quebec, Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. Centre Québécois de Coordination sur le Sida (CQCS) Montreal, Quebec, Canada French
Si vous etes malades du SIDA... AIDES Paris, France French
Ech Sinn HIV+ Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourgish