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Title Series Artist Creators / Group Locale Languagesort descending Date
The Art of AIDS education
[Untitled painting] Untitled paintings Frederiksberg Kommune, AIDS-Sekretariatet Denmark (1994)
Przystanek w podróży 50 zł. HIV gratis. Wróć bez HIV = Return without HIV. Poland. Ministerstwo Zdrowia
Lubricant. The Hot Rubber Company, Zurich and Berlin
Senator Barack Obama kod jaode, Michelle Obama ong’eyo chalgi mar kute mag Ayaki... N’ge chalni mar Kute mag Ayaki! Nairobi, Kenya 2006?
A Time For Healing 1988-11-13
Tos ribotin bororieng’ung’ en katuganikab kanyoisosiek? Sindano Iwe Salama Kenya. Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation; Kenya. Ministry of Medical Services; United States. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief; Danya International, Inc. Kenya
SIDA yaduteye tuyitegeshe agafuko. Stop SIDA STOP SIDA Programme National de Lutte contre le SIDA et les maladies sexuellement transmissibles. With Unicef & Rotary International. Burundi 1993
Stand up for yourself against HIV/AIDS. No condom = no sex Jisimamie National AIDS and STDs Control Programme (Kenya) Kenya 1997
Cover your AIDS Committee of Durham Region Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 2011 (received)
[Banana] Banana Boys AIDS Rochester, Inc. Rochester, New York, USA
[Untitled: orange painting] Frederiksberg Kommune, AIDS-Sekretariatet Denmark (1994)
Protect your AIDS Committee of Durham Region Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 2011 (received)
[pointing family] Sawaya, M. African Medical and Research Foundation Tanzania 1991
Bikers on a Hill
[Don't delude yourself, AIDS is right next to you] 1991
KENWA Kenya Network of Women with Aids 2009?
Part of Oversize Poster
Você não pode lidar com o vírus da SIDA, se não souber que ele està entre nós. Massachusetts. Department of Public Health Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Hoy ingat lang San Francisco AIDS Foundation San Francisco, California, USA (1991)