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Title Series Artistsort descending Creators / Group Locale Language Date
Vivir con el VIH no te hace diferente. Cuba. Ministerio de Salud Pública Cuba Spanish (rec. 2005)
Riskuješ-Li Neriskuj!!! Národní Centrum Podpory Zdraví Slovak
Bottoms up! San Francisco AIDS Foundation San Francisco, California, USA English 1996
From 0 to 6 inches in seven seconds flat. Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force (Pa.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA English 1994
Saloon. Mangez pour une bonne cause. Comité des personnes atteintes du VIH du Québec (CPAVIH) Montreal, Quebec, Canada French (2003)
Get talking. Get tested. Get talking. Get tested. Massachusetts. Department of Public Health ; Massachusetts. HIV/AIDS Bureau. Boston, Massachusetts, USA English
It won't kill you to spend time with a friend who has AIDS. Current Communications, Inc. USA English 1987
Malades contagieuses... GAP-SIDA Montreal, Quebec, Canada French
Support Sound, Smart, Sharp, Clean Mainliners London, England English
, Denk na vrij veilig Cupid Campaign (for poorly educated young people) Dutch Foundation for STD Control (SOA Stichting) Utrecht, Netherlands Dutch 1992
HIV is in your home. HIV is everywhere. Talk about it with your family today. HIV is Everywhere Zambia. Ministry of Health. Anti-AIDS Project. Health Education Unit Zambia English
AIDS. The death warrant! Central Health Education Bureau New Delhi, India English
Knowledge is the key to healing. Ahalaya National Native American AIDS Prevention Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA English
Some diseases are getting away with murder. Columbus AIDS Task Force (CATF) Columbus, Ohio, USA English (1988)
Si te cuidas por fuera... cuidate tambien por dentro!!! BCN Checkpoint BCN Checkpoint ; Catalonia (Spain). Departament de Salut Barcelona, Spain Spanish
Condom: préservatif, [prezɛrvatif]. The only protection against AIDS. In a pharmacy just say*, "Bonjour, une boîte de préservatifs, s'il vous plaît." Mairie de Paris Paris, France French (1992)
Unissons-nous pour lutter contre le SIDA Groupe SIDA Geneve Geneva, Switzerland French
Accepteriez-vous mes conseils si j'étais séropositive? C'est le SIDA qu'il faut exclure, pas les séropositifs = It's AIDS that needs to be excluded, not the HIV-positive. AIDES (Association); COCQ-SIDA France ; Canada French
Worrying isn't it. Health Education Authority (Great Britain) England English 1990s?
Facts about STDs Pharmacists Planning Service Sausalito, California, USA English 1983