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Safe sex. Are you man enough? Rapp, B. Aid for AIDS California, USA English (1985)
, I can't afford to be sick. Can you? AIDS Health Project California, USA English and Chinese
I can't afford to be sick. Can you? AIDS Health Project California, USA English
Most men don't cheat. Do you? AIDS Health Project California, USA English
No matter who you are, how big or small, black or any color at all. Sure we're different...And some of us have HIV. National AIDS Project. Camp Sunburst California, USA English 1991
Pigs in Paradise Tea Dance Golden State Police Officers Association California, USA English (1998)
Pleasuredome [...] First light New Year's 1993. Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564; Sub Aqua Design Stop AIDS Project California, USA English 1992
Pleasuredome presents Street Party AIDS Emergency Fund California, USA English (1999)
Pssst...Escuchen! Tecatos! Don't gamble with AIDS...It's a stacked deck! Multicultural AIDS Needle Users Project (MANU). California, USA English
Real Bad VIII Congregate American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFar) California, USA English (1996)
Shop to stop AIDS Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) California, USA English
Condoms today and an HIV vaccine tomorrow California, USA English
Catholic Church thinks that it's better for a person to die of AIDS, than to use a condom ACT UP (possibly) California, USA English
You may not know anyone with AIDS. But you know someone who could get AIDS. McInerney, Tekla. MIT Museum. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA English
Living proof : HIV and the pursuit of happiness. Brattle Theatre Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA English
It is difficult to get AIDS. Wyoming AIDS Education Risk Reduction Program, Wyoming AIDS Prevention Program, Division of Health and Medical Services Hathaway Bldg., Cheyenne, WY. Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA English 1987
If he won't play safe maybe he just doesn't give a damn! Reimer Foundation Chicago, Illinois, USA English
Invest in life insurance. Howard Brown Health Center Chicago, Illinois, USA English
It's your ass. If he won't play safe, kiss it goodbye. Reimer Foundation Chicago, Illinois, USA English
Keep your sex life alive LaRocca, Jerry (photography) Chicago (Ill.). Department of Health. Office of AIDS Prevention Chicago, Illinois, USA English (1988)