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Você não pode lidar com o vírus da SIDA, se não souber que ele està entre nós. Massachusetts. Department of Public Health Boston, Massachusetts, USA
[Banana] Banana Boys AIDS Rochester, Inc. Rochester, New York, USA
Hoy ingat lang San Francisco AIDS Foundation San Francisco, California, USA (1991)
How can you prevent AIDS? National AIDS Hotline U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control USA American Sign Language and English 1990
[Yes or no. You can get AIDS virus from:] Yes or No AIDS Hotline (Oahu) Oahu, Hawaii, USA Chinese
AIDS. It's up to you Aids. It's Up To You State of California AIDS Education Campaign Santa Cruz, California, USA Chinese 1990
[Untranslated] New York City Department of Health New York, New York, USA Chinese
Untranslated New York State Department of Health New York, USA Chinese 2012-09
Looking for Mr. Right? But you're only finding Mr. Right-Now? Q Action Stop AIDS Project San Francisco, California, USA English 1999
Bound by the chains of ignorance South Carolina Coalition of Black Church Leaders Inc. South Carolina AIDS Education Network, Inc. South Carolina, USA English
Thank you Mom for getting tested for HIV. Maryland. AIDS Administration ; Red Ribbon Question Mark Campaign Maryland, USA English
If you assume AIDS won't affect you, then you should still assume the earth is flat. Colorado AIDS Project Denver, Colorado, USA English (1990)
Stay negative. Protect yourself and end the epidemic series Graphic Works, SF AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts, USA English 1995
Georgia AIDS InfoLine AID Atlanta Georgia, USA English
Sure, safe sex was something people always talked about. Rainbow House Trenton, New Jersey, USA English
You can't get AIDS- American Red Cross USA English 1986
Hey! You know what? You can't get AIDS from: Max (Artwork) Minnesota AIDS Project Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA English 1987
Phoenix Uniform Club 17th Anniversary and Annual Uniform & Leather Ball The Phoenix Uniform Club California, USA English (1994)
No matter who you are, how big or small, black or any color at all. Sure we're different...And some of us have HIV. National AIDS Project. Camp Sunburst California, USA English 1991
All I wanted was a quick high and a good time AIDS is Everyone's Concern University of Miami School of Medicine, AIDS Clinical Research Unit Miami, Florida, USA English