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Title Series Artist Creators / Groupsort descending Locale Language Date
9th annual G. S. L. Amateur Night contest. California, USA English
Friend for life! New York, New York, USA English
AIDS Memorial Quilt. Verburg (Artwork) Arizona, USA English 1995
Do our children know...In the long ago time, we taught our young what they needed to know in order to survive. But now there is a new enemy...AIDS. Montana, USA English 1989 (circa)
Don't gamble with AIDS. Abstinence ...and live! Washington, USA English
It's a jungle out there. Texas, USA English
Keep it up Seattle Washington, USA English
Live to love our children. Get the facts about AIDS. Montana, USA English 1988 (circa)
RIOT. Stonewall '69. AIDS Crisis '89 In the style of Robert Indiana's "Love" design, and General Idea's "AIDS" New York, USA English 1989
Condoms today and an HIV vaccine tomorrow California, USA English
Take the do-it-yourself AIDS test. AIDS is a Killer Portland, Oregon, USA English (1987)
Think about safer sex. Texas, USA English
To serve and protect. Oregon, USA English 1992
To serve and protect. Oregon, USA English 1992
To serve and protect. Oregon, USA English 1992
What The Smart Dressed Man Is Wearing. Condoms. Not just another fashion statement. California, USA English
You will use a rubber. . . Texas, USA English
People who care, act. Join the fight against AIDS. People who care, act. Hartford, Connecticut, USA English 199?
Red ribbon. Awareness AIDS. USA? English
Mañana, 50 personas morirán del SIDA en los Estados Unidos. [AIDS deaths] USA Spanish 1989